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Our well-rehearsed team ensures that corrosive as well as toxic dangerous goods are handled safely, in a timely & correct manner.Our excellent security measures ensure an effective & cost-effective solution

Airport Transfers


You also know this: an important date is coming, you have thought of everything, the timetable is in place. But then: “Where’s my key? Where did I put my purse back? Damn, I have to get a bouquet of flowers quickly.” 
Time is running out. What now? Quickly call a taxi that can very quickly become very expensive.

The professional service provider for all kinds of driving services, such as airport transfers, business service, specializes in getting its customers safely, comfortably and comfortably to the desired destination.Even at the short notice and at the last minute, it is routine for us.

Garden &Landscape Care

Bring momentum to the garden.

Change and feel good so that when you enter the garden, you can

feel to get a massage for the soul.

According to their vision, we plan & bring our required devices with us right away,

to make your dreams come true.

Our service:

Mowing & ventilating (vertication) of the lawn

Cutting hedges & shrubs

Creating & maintaining your beds

Supply of plants

Grave care




From buying a house to buying a dream house, we’re doing more for your home.

From floor to wall, from curtain to blinds, sun screen & awnings.

We are more than just a man of the trade we are a company of passion.

With concentrated competence & tuned efficiency to increase the feel-good factor in your home.

Our service offer:

Curtains & decorative fabrics with own sewing studio

Wallpapers & tapestry

Carpets, PVC, laminate, prefabricated parquet plus laying service Plissee, blinds, lamella stores, accessories
Service – Cleaning of curtains, lamella

courier service


Our express couriers are happy to work for you if you need to go fast.

As an independent courier service, we can respond individually to your needs.

Would you like to deliver a shipment to Mannheim or have something picked up from Mannheim?

Our services in the field of courier service – Sameday national – Sameday international – Direct travel – Express service – Special trips – OnBoard Courier and Overnight.We are happy to assist you with everyday transport questions & enquiries, in the Mannheim area. As a thoroughbred professional in the CEP area (courier service, express service, parcel service).

We are there for you around the clock! Simple, Reliable & Flexible.

Caretaker service


We all dream of living & working in clean & tidy rooms.

We often lack the time to take care of these things.

We offer you these rather annoying work and give up trusting hands.

Careful cleaning, cleaning, wiping and garden ingisse is our specialty. 

There is also a wide range of renovations, painting works for indoor & outdoor use.

Caretaker service takes care of these tasks responsibly, whether in the home or workplace.

– we will stay until you are satisfied!



With a wide range of services & services.  A basic & maintenance cleaning are fundamentally important for pure appearance.
Thorough & reliable.

Our cleaning staff pays careful attention to the principles of hygiene,

Cleanliness & occupational safety.

Our core competence lies in internal & external building cleaning, as well as special cleaning services as a special service.

Put them on us when they need a flexible partner who does his job faithfully.

We are happy to work with you. Call us for a non-binding interview to receive an individually adapted offer.

Winter service


Better to feel good than pushing snow.

Every year when the first snow falls, tenants and owners of a home are drawn to the obligation.

After all, who clears the sidewalks?Exactly! You as a resident. Be one step ahead of your neighbours this year and make sure they enjoy a warm drink while their neighbour is still struggling with the snow.

Snow service can be booked with us as a single module or as part of a comprehensive facility plan. Depending on the contractual design, it can also be part of the caretaker service or the complete property support.
Accurate & on time. Clearing & scattering is done for you while they focus on the important things in life.