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Certified waste disposal company

HISENAJ UG is a certified waste management company in accordance with the Waste Management Company Ordinance (EfbV). EfB experts check the fulfillment of the requirements laid down in the EfbV annually and regularly confirm the high quality standards in our highly motivated team. If it passes successfully, the waste disposal company certificate is issued.

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We offer transportation

For our services, we rely on a variety of specialty and special vehicles. This fleet is quickly ready for you and offers a high degree of flexibility so that we can provide the best service for you on site or on tour.

Flexible and fast

While competitors are still planning, we are already active for you in various application scenarios. We guarantee our high standard by, among other things, highly developed, modern communication systems.

Reliable and stable

We help you as a reliable, loyal business partner, thus establishing trust with your customers or expanding it further. Your one-time satisfaction alone would not be our benchmark: we get your transport rolling and guarantee reliable service at a consistently high, professional level.

Punctual and competent

Optimized work processes ensure that your orders are processed as quickly as possible. Our strength is to put your expectations on the road, so to carry out all transports on time and very conscientiously.

Certified waste disposal company

The term “waste disposal company” may be used by companies that have provided the necessary evidence during the inspection by a technical monitoring organization. Processes in terms of reliability, specialist knowledge and regulated organization of company and operational management are tested and also checked. Only after successful completion does a company receive approval as a waste disposal company. Companies with this certification are authorized for waste management activities:

Collecting, transporting, storing, handling, recycling, eliminating, trading and brokering

Hisenaj UG is a certified waste management company in accordance with the Waste Management Companies Ordinance (EfbV). Efb experts continuously monitor the fulfillment of the requirements laid down in the EfbV. Our high quality standards confirm annual reviews, according to which we are regularly issued with the waste disposal company certificate.

We are therefore entitled to use the designation “waste disposal company” with the surveillance symbol of the technical surveillance organization in accordance with Section 56 (4) of the Recycling Management Act (KrWG). Our certificate documents our competence and helps you as a customer to select the waste disposal company with the right powers, which have been documented by a neutral, expert body. Last but not least, our certification offers you legal certainty: The term “waste management company” is a recognized quality feature in the industry and has rightly established itself on the market among customers of waste disposal companies.

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ZUUM Siegel Entsorgungsfachbetrieb

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